Blue Jean Dreams

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Love stories are possessed  with women misunderstood and seeking measurement through others. In Brooklyn, two women redefine their love stories. With a focus on inner beauty, spirituality, and freedom; FaintlyMasculine is our romance. The world is full of complexities, yet beauty is simple. It's an aesthetic which acts as a portal to a narrative purely indicative to that moment. 

In this moment, amidst the storm, we celebrate our voice and the power within it. As women we constantly feel the need for adornment...but, in the simplicity of our American blue jeans, we've never felt more Free.


Rayya & Ariel

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Photography by WabiSabi NYC's Sal Stamatti

Racing the Rain

American Apparel Dress and Varsity Jacket, New Balance 574. 

American Apparel Bra, Double RL pants.

New York City summers are magical. It's been proven. Like a reliable friend or antidote, it never ceases to inspire and rejuvenate. Here we are getting a dose of sun right before the rain...though, what's second to sunny summer days? That breaking point when rain erupts from candy clouds and the unmoving sun smiles on.

We live for those days.



The clamor of trickling water


Still my thoughts and calm my mind...
May the steady sound of rushing water wash away my worries and fears,
In this place I am finally alone...
I have found piece and comfort in a place where others may not disturb or distort me.     I can hide from them and yet see myself as clearly as the water surrounding me. 

May my tears and cries be deafened by the clamor of trickling water, that in this tranquil moment may you wash with you the fifth of the day and confusion this moment has brought you.

May you cleanse my soul and calm my heart.
I am reborn, I am clean so that I might find the strength to continue. 



A fresh start


Wearing: Brandy Melville jersey dress and sweater. 

Wearing: Vintage skirt and shirt.


It's been too long you guys! It has been a long year and I appreciate all the support and interest you have all had in me and the blog getting back up. 

A huge announcement is my partnering with my best friend Rayya who will now be the second half to this blog. Rayya and I met in Boston just last year and decided to move to New York together! Faintly Masculine will still offer personal style and beauty tips, but will evolve into a portfolio of our journey as friends, women and discovering the world and ourselves. 

The road has not been easy for us, but as insane as this move has been, we are excited and hopeful. We are both absolutely crazy and (somehow) end up in the most ridiculous situations!  

Join us on this journey to self discovery and adventure...

- Ariel

Spring is here

Harlem is beautiful in the spring and has given us the opportunity to relax and brainstorm. Here's a preview of what's come.

See you soon...

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-Ariel & Rayya